Establishing an MUCF branch in Kalmar: A thoughtful discussion among LIAK members

Last Monday, forty of our Linnéakademien members gathered together at LNU’s harbor campus for an engaging seminar and thoughtful discussion on the subject of the utlokalisering av statliga verk. With the news that Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhälleliga frågor (MUCF) [Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society] will be moving to the Linnéregionen, members were encouraged to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented in this re-location, using the recent establishment of E-hälsomyndigheten [Swedish Health Agency] in Kalmar as their guide. Kattis Ellborg served as moderator, introducing various authorities on the subject, including Lena Nyberg, General Director, Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhälleliga frågor (MUCF), Janna Valik, General Director, E-hälsomyndigheten and earlier Boverket, Anders Henriksson City Council Chairman, and Stefan Carlsson, former chairman of Kalmar County.

Stefan Carlsson gives a presentation on the opportunities for development in the Kalmar region due to the re-location of myndigheter

Questions posed touched on how the establishment of a new governmental authority outside of the major cities in Sweden could present opportunities for development in the region, including, but not limited to employment opportunities in the region. While some LIAK members expressed doubts about the prospect of certain employees having to commute between cities to get to work, Ms. Valik assured them in her presentation that this would not become a problem.





Active discussion led by Janna Valik at last Monday’s seminar

The relocation presents Kalmar employees with the chance to offer new cultural perspectives to a national authority, as well as opportunities for growth and development in blending with the work culture of authorities from larger cities. We look forward to following the future progress of the MUCF re-location next year.


-Caroline Littlefield